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                   It was back in October 2000... when a dark soul namely Seri Gempita  successfully evoked an artwork production. Inspired by several dark art illustrators such as H.R. Giger, Frank Frazeta, Luis Royo and Todd McFarlane, he manage to create his own identity in producing artworks.

                    Taking dark medieval-based art with the element of witchcraft as the concept for his artworks, it somehow suitable for him to contribute his artworks for underground bands and zines      ( mostly in metal scene ) as he is also a metal freak! The apparition of this production is not  intended  to create a competition but to have variant among other local and international illustrators.

                    Right until now a number of artworks have been produced. The amount might be small regarding to the period of time it has been unleashed. This is due to his involvement in the world of architecture which require him to concentrate in the studio works. But still the flame to produce artworks still and will always be burning in his soul. He will continues in producing dark artworks as he try to create more artworks. The dark journey has begun and it shall continues to roam throughout the darkest fantasy under the seal of ... Phantasmagoria Artworks!

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